Client Testimonials

Here’s what Jeanne from Rotorua, New Zealand had to say about the Bhutan 2010 tour:

” Constantly making comparison with values back here ……. highlights were the amazing entry into Bhutan-whisking through the clouds, with what almost felt like wingtips touching the valley sides-then landing. A feeling of calm embracing me-in the paro airport-pinching myself and saying ‘I’m in a airport and feeling totally relaxed’ First and last place this would happen.

Then Moving on through the country and being delighted by the people-their aura-their calm-no raised voices-being entranced by the architecture and the landscapes and the Buddhism prevailing and that utter belief their society has.

Moving across the country and being challenged by the innumerable passes-energy waning-grimaces on the face (give me Gu-and thanks for it Doug in that time of real need on the pass adjacent to Pele La- our big mistake-should have taken some electrolytes- the coke and pepsi was great)

Tang valley-a highlight-postcard pretty-beautiful people-a privilage to meet and eat with Ugyens mum.

The return journey, back to where we started from-the challenges before us on the Big Day Out and the longest downhills in my life. Breathtaking Takthsang-some puffing to get up there, would hate to think what it would be like if we had attempted it 2 weeks earlier,and the ultimate accommodation at Zhiwa Ling.

Punakha Dzong-wow-Trongsa Dzong-wow-SimtokhaDzong-wow, beautiful faces, amazing crafts and the enjoyment of biking beside people-overtaking buses and cars on the downhills-being part of it.

Ugyen-cultural guide extraordinaire-ask him anything and he has an answer. The food, beyond expectations.

You-thanks you-for your guidance, your patince, being there.

Thankyou to all the team-what a group-could not have wished for more.

Thankyou. Jeanne.”

Jeanne at the Wangdue market.

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