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Black Peak travel is owned and operated me, Doug Hamilton. When I say ‘We’ in the rest of the website, I really mean ‘Me’ Makes it sound like a big company, but it’s not, well not yet anyway, but don’t let that put you off coming on a trip.

In many ways it’s better not being a big company because everything is on a much more personal level and I put a lot of work into making sure every aspect of the tours are as I would want, if I was the client.

I have been guiding people in some sort of manner for about 20 years. ( First guiding trip to Bhutan was in 2004) Whether it be on biking trips, heli-skiing (retired from that now), hiking or just showing new people what’s in my ‘backyard’, meaning anything within a 200km radius of my home. Guiding gives me a thrill, the type that comes from seeing the smiles on peoples faces, hear them laugh or cry out with excitement when they see or do something exciting and amazing, push their personal boundaries and experience a life changing moment. It’s a good buzz and it drives me to show others what I have had the good fortune to discover already.

Doug, Chilcotin Mountains, British Columbia.

I’ve been riding mountain bikes since the late ’80’s, spent most of that time racing them in some way or another and traveled with my bike extensively exploring new places and trails. I run a bike shop as well and do a bit photography and writing on the side also.

When I’m running a tour in Bhutan, I only use good friends and fellow lovers of riding, Ugyen Yoesar and his brother Rinzin Norbu. They own their own inbound logistics company and are a couple of the fastest, most respected and humorous riders in all of Bhutan and fantastic guides to boot. Great guy’s to have on the team and to share a cold Panda Beer with at the end of a day in the saddle!

Ugyen, Tang Valley, Bhutan

Rinzin harvesting wild strawberries.

To get in contact please email me at or phone +64 274347212

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